This song  was written from two unfinished poems by Marion on his death bed.  His skepticism was unwavering and love of life undiminished.   - DR


​           lyrics by Marion Steele

I’ve seen the damage done

I’ve seen high-flyers fall
I’ve seen enough of life
To feel compassion for us all
I’ve seen drugs take a toll                        
I’ve seen my friends die
I’ve seen enough of life
To make me want to cry
But I’ve seen the lovers laugh
I’ve seen them dance and play


I’ve seen enough of life
To be glad I’m alive today

You will know the worth of water
When no water’s in the well
You will know the worth of money
When you’ve nothing left to sell
You will know the worth of trust
When the bonds have all been broken
You will know the worth of honesty
When only lies are spoken
You will know the worth of freedom
When you’re in a prison cell
You will know the worth of health
When you are no longer well
You will know the worth of family
When you do not have a home
You will know he worth of friends

When you are all alone


Don & Shirley married  July 10, 1977

                                    - lyrics by Don Robertson
Make this the day you celebrate
Make this the day you love your fate
Make this the day to end the hate
Make this the day you celebrate

Some folks are always looking way on down the road
Some folks are only looking for a way to unload
Some folks are stuck forever in the jaccuzzi mode
Some folks have already into the sunset rode

Some folks are always waiting for a better time than now
Some folks just wait around, hope things get good somehow
Some folks would rather wishful think than do anything right now
Some folks throw up their hands and say, “Whatever the gods allow”


Some folks are always waiting for a better time ahead
Some folks are laying low; they might as well be dead
Some folks just won’t go anywhere until they have been led
Some folks are waiting just to hear their obituaries read



   lyrics by Don Robertson

Out of the ruins

Where the living dead are strewn

Out of the ruins

Where the prison gates are hewn

I will build a monument

I will see that the temple's veil is rent

I will see that the martyr's blood is spent

I will see that the curtain doesn't fall too soon

I will write it in a poem

I will sing it in a tune.

Out of depression

Living the clown's concession

Out of depression 

Learning lie's lusty lesson

I will celebrate today

I will bring color from shades of grey

I'll serve each morsel on a silver tray

I will make the truth my own possession

I will make this world my home

I'll make this life my obsession

And I will write it ina poem

I will sing it in a tune.


  lyrics by Don Robertson

 This world of work and woe
 This world of hurt and foe
 Is a world of love and joy
 It’s a world of thrills and friends

Let the celebration of this life begin (repeat)

Life sometimes throws us a curve
And we’ve got to learn how to swerve
But there’s always hope up ahead
And the best of our days will come then


Embrace each dawning day
Push the gloom and fear away
Grip the moments as they pass
Love your own life till the end

               CHORUS/ CODA.

One Life.


                      lyrics by Don Robertson

Marion was a champion of truth
Who left religion behind in his youth
When he found that sacred truths were wrong
He could not stay with the faith for long
With his friends, he insisted on trust
In every venture, truth was a must

Because you don’t need God to be good
No, you don’t need God to be good
You can do right ‘cause you know you should
And you don’t, you don’t need God to be good

Barbara found science led her away
From the childhood faith that long held sway
She was there to help people be strong
As a healer, she stood out from the throng
With her whole heart she always tried
Then too young but full of cheer she died


Jon rejected his parent’s beliefs
They made no sense so it was a relief
He was a servant of the public trust
Fairness and integrity were a must
He shunned corrupters and paid the price
It cost him his job, but he was not enticed


This song first written as a tribute to my best friend Marion Steele (Let The Celebration of HIS Life Begin).  After his memorial, I rewrote it as a call to a humanist celebration of life.    -DR


lyrics by Ron Evans
In my youth, I knew the truth
I gathered it from far and near
I had solved the riddle then
When I was young and truth was clear

As I grew older, life grew bolder
It knocked me here and there
It was then I saw that, of the truth,
I had a lesser share

We are sparks from an eternal fire
We are stardust allowed to inquire (repeat)

As I move to the end of my time
I look back on what has passed
I find the truth absorbs me now
So that I am free at last


                                    - lyrics by Don Robertson

Who needs to reach beyond the stars for inspiration?
Who needs to look beyond this earth to find perfection?
Who needs more than human life to learn what’s right and wrong?
Who needs to imagine a god above in order to sing life’s splendid song?
Who needs a place beyond the clouds to caste their visions?
Who needs some force beyond nature to give them reasons?
Who needs more than this old world to find the thrill of living?
Who needs to imagine a god above in order to know the joy of giving?

Why not just embrace reality?
Why not live with an explorer mentality?

Create purpose with your favorite people.
Create meaning without any steeples.

Who needs a master in the sky to shout directions?
Who needs illusions about death upon reflection?
Who needs more than this good earth to make us truly whole?
Who needs to imagine a god above or to imagine an eternal soul?

Secularus One Life Secular Humanist Music

lyrics by Marion Steele
There is no certainty
There are no guarantees
There is no security
There are only stormy seas

There is no forever
There is no hereafter
There is no safe haven
There may be luck or disaster

I got up this morning
I looked up at the sun
I’m gonna live this day
Like it’s my very last one
I’m gonna start out fast
Then I’ll pick up the pace
I know that nothing will last
But I want to run this race

 There’s no immortality
 There’s no eternal soul
 There is no heavenly place
 Where that soul might go
 There’s no divine plan
 There is no destiny
 There’s no ultimate meaning

 There is no one to rescue me

 CHORUS (twice)

                     lyrics by Don Robertson
I was born a preacher’s kid
And faith was taught before A,B,C
The Bible was thought to have all the truth
That meant much of anything to me

And I never dared to go anywhere
Near the graveyard of the gods

I stayed within a circle of faith
My friends believed it all without doubt
My mind was filled with doubts many times
But I would not let go, my resolve was stout

And I found myself whistling as I
Crawled through the graveyard of the gods

I began to see the errors in the Book
Along with contradictions and absurdities
I tried to cling to faith but I had to let go
And leave behind the promise of eternity

And I found myself in tears slowly walking
Through the graveyard of the gods

I found my faith had no foundation
No solid ground of evidence and fact
I saw that it was built on wishful thinking
 Search for truth wouldn’t leave my faith in tact

And I found myself celebrating
As I ran from the graveyard of the gods


This song tells my personal story of liberation from religion.   - ​DR

                             - lyrics by Marion Steele
Time doesn’t wait
Time isn’t fair
Time doesn’t stop
Time doesn’t care
Time has no mercy
Time has no eyes
Time never cheats
Time never lies


The future flies into the past
And life goes by………… too fast

Time isn’t good
Time isn’t bad
Time isn’t happy
Time isn’t sad
Time doesn’t laugh
Time doesn’t cry
Time doesn’t worry
Time doesn’t die


Time marches on
Time takes its time
Time isn’t boisterous
Time isn’t shy
Time’s never early
Time’s never late
Time keeps on rollin’
Time seals your fate


Time is your foe
Time is your friend
Time from the start
Time to the end
Time moves too slowly
Time moves too fast
Time is a bummer
Time is a blast


This song was written a few days before my 75th birthday, expressing my attitude upon reaching that milestone.  Full speed ahead.  Baby!   ​-DR


        lyrics by Marion Steele
I’ve seen trust as strong as steel
I’ve seen wounds that never heal
I’ve seen kindness that made me cry
I’ve seen love that will never die

I’ve seen wars that never end
I’ve seen drugs that kill my friends

I’ve seen hate that’s big and blind
I’ve seen the heartless destroy the kind
But I’ve seen bonds that can’t be broken
And I’ve seen words that were never spoken

I’ve seen friends that will always be
I’ve seen children happy and free

I’ve seen folks whose faith has died
Because they finally used their eyes
Yes, I’ve seen darkness turn to light
And I’ve seen life and it’s one hell of a ride (repeat line)

 lyrics by Don Robertson
Some say, “Now you’re getting old.”
So sit back and don’t try to be bold
And you should not have to be told
That it’s now high time to stop

But I’m gonna run, run. run…run, run, run until I drop (repeat)
Nobody’s gonna make me stop
So I will run, run, run…run, run, run until I drop

Time flies and your not so spry
So sit back and watch life like a spy
But I’m not buying that and here’s why
I’m still feeling the crackle and pop

I hear it’s my time just to play
So sit back and let youth have its way
But I’ll run on while I have a say
I’ll sprint or jog but I will not stop


                    MOMENTS OF JOY

                  lyrics by Don Robertson

We haven't found the meaning

Of life's supreme moments,

Because there is no final meaning

And moments of joy

We haven't found the secret

To building a perfect world, 

Because there is no perfect world

There is only striving and creating

And moments of joy

We haven't found the power

To take the pain of life away,

Because the pain is part of the living.

There is only giving and forgiving

And moments of joy

We haven't found the answers

to all of life's questions,

Sometimes there are no final answers.

There is only loving and belonging

And moments of joy,

Great moments of joy,

Sweet moments of joy,

True moments of joy